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Welcome to Ms. Dolan - May 29

The Board of Directors of Gateway Lab School proudly announces the appointment of Catherine Dolan to serve as Interim Head of School, effectively immediately. 


Ms. Dolan previously served as Head of School at Gateway from 2013 through 2015.   During that time she brought our school tremendous value through her leadership presence, organizational skill and active embrace of our mission.  Notably, Ms. Dolan led Gateway through its last charter renewal journey with the state, for which we are eternally grateful.


In the near term, Ms. Dolan will communicate and work closely with Dr. Harrison and the Board to ensure the seamless continuity of Gateway’s programs and operations.  During Dr. Harrison’s absence, Ms. Dolan will have many priorities to attend to and the Board asks for everyone at Gateway to help support her efforts.


Upon Dr. Harrison’s return Ms. Dolan will remain as Interim Head of School while the Board undertakes a process to fill the position permanently.  Key leadership efforts for the upcoming year will include staffing and supports for student success, program alignment with our charter, preparation for our next charter renewal with the state, and organizing the business/operational function of the school.  The Board believes that Ms. Dolan is uniquely qualified to hit the ground running on our behalf to address these matters.


Please take some time to introduce yourself to Ms. Dolan and welcome her back to Gateway Lab School.   We hope that you share our enthusiasm at having Ms. Dolan back at Gateway Lab School!  


On Behalf of the Board of Directors,


Henry ClampittBoard Member and Treasurer

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