Gateway Lab School


Board of Directors


August 31, 2018


Dear Members of the Gateway Community,


The 2018-19 school year brings great excitement with new and returning students and teachers on board. Over the past several days and weeks, the entire

school staff has worked on professional development activities which included identifying and strengthening our core values and principles to help guide the

operations of Gateway Lab School (GLS).


The Board of Directors is committed to supporting the schools greatest assets, our children and teachers, ensuring that students have adequate tools

and resources to be successful with their learning experience at Gateway. In addition to its fiduciary oversight, the Board continues to monitor and

develop policies and procedures to ensure our organizational framework remains strong.


Throughout the summer, the Board spent time reviewing last year’s challenges and planning for this school year.As a result of our evaluation, the

Board has elected new officers, updated our by-laws, and created a process to recruit a Head of School, who will be the top administrator, under

the staffing model approved by the Board in Spring 2018. The search process for a permanent Head of School will begin in Spring 2019.

The Board is extremely confident in the interim leadership of two senior-level administrators who have extensive instructional backgrounds;

Ms. Catherine Dolan, Interim Head of School and Mr. Marlin White, Interim Principal. Both administrators are doing a phenomenal job in

helping the school accomplish its mission of providing an arts based learning experience for our students.


With that said, I am happy to share that our Music program is returning. Your child will have the opportunity to play an instrument, sing in

the choir, and/or learn how to create music in a variety of formats. The program includes accommodations for children that are sensitive to sound.

The staff has begun a year-long arts integration training program that will provide them with additional tools and support to create lesson plans aligned

with our educational program.


Yes, we are excited about the school year and I hope that you share this excitement with us. My mantra this yearis “Teamwork makes the Dream Work.”

We encourage you to become active in your child’s learning by getting involved in Gateway’s Family and Friends (GFF) parent/teacher association, participating

in school events, or attending a monthly board meeting to learn more about what’s ahead for Gateway as we face a charter renewal year. We need you to help

make Gateway great!


If you are interested in serving as a parent director on the Gateway Lab School Board, please contact me at Joyce Henderson If you have any questions

for the Board of Directors, I invite you to submit your questions and comments to our attention. As always, your Board of Directors appreciates your support.


Kind regards,

Joyce Dennis Henderson

President and Community Director