"Our son has attended since 6th grade, he is now going into 8th grade.....the amount of accommodations made for him have been outstanding for the Asperger/ADHD/sensory and language delay issues he has....the communication with administration in the IEP dept and especially Mr. Griffiths have helped a lot when I needed something taken care of or a para change..."


 "Our son goes to Gateway Lab School...he is going into 4th grade this yr....we are very impressed with the quality of education our son receives from these wonderful, caring people....the teachers are very pleasant to talk to...very helpful and they keep a very good line of communication open with the parents....our son is looking forward to next yr....our son went to Baltz Elementary before attending Gateway last yr....Gateway is such a better school and set up for kids like my son who have issues such as ADD/ADHD, as my son has...he has done so much better at Gateway than he did at Baltz....we thank all the teachers, counselors and staff at the school for all their hard work and dedication to giving our kids a great education and preparing them for life ahead....thank u so much."


"My son was in a public school before being accepted into Gateway Lab School, he struggled with the normal environment of a public school, and was always getting sent out of the classroom for his behavior. This always ended with a phone call from the principal, which meant I had to come get him early from school. Everyone, viewed him with a behavioral problem. No one ever took the time to understand or try and identify his triggers. I was threatened quit often, by staff, that the crisis line was going to be called since he was “out of control”. Whenever I arrived at the school, I always found my son hiding under a desk or table scared out of his mind. It was hard to diagnosis him, since we seen no such behavior at home. So I had a hard time describing the fits. After several suspensions, and appointments with the counselor, he was diagnosed with being on the spectrum, or Asperger’s. In 5th grade, and knowing his diagnosis I prayed this would make a difference and we would have a successful year. Needless to say my nightmare did not end until he started at Gateway, where I found a full staff that understood him.” 


"My son was diagnosed with ADHD in 2nd grade, we moved him to Gateway Lab School. That was the best decision we made, he was in the 3rd grade and the teacher at Gateway diagnosed him with a learning disability. Not once before did any other teacher mention this to us. It took the change to Gateway to help my son conquer the fear of Math. The staff at Gateway is amazing. We are so happy to have found a school that understands our son.”


"In August, my son will enter his 8th grade year, and we no longer have any worries about him succeeding. And being prepared for high school. My other son will be going into 6th grade, and I know the staff will be prepared to help him with his learning disability. Gateway has not only taught our boys the academics, by providing them with the modifications our children need to succeed. The support staff has been amazing and understands our boys so well. I love that they can take a needed break when they feel overwhelmed, and its hard sitting still all the time, the staff gets it. And I’ve never met a group of people that not only love what they do, but they love working with our children. The world around us is scary but knowing that my boys are receiving the best care and support, makes me happy to send them to school every morning. Not to mention how excited they are to go to school every day."


 "Our son has made so much progress in reading, writing, and math in the last 3 years. He has attended Gateway since 3rd grade and he will be a 6th grade Gladiator this year. The teachers have been knowledgeable, helpful, and caring. He has also enjoyed the extra-curricular activities the school offers: golf, basketball, ping pong, running club, and drumming club."


“My son will be going into 5th grade. It will be his second year at Gateway and we are both loving it."