Gateway Lab School

Core Beliefs

  • All children can learn -- it is our responsibility to value their learning styles and unique gifts;
  • The Gateway school community shall prize diversity and respect each student’s individuality;
  • Gateway shall provide a safe, secure and nurturing environment for its students;
  • Children who struggle academically in a traditional classroom can flourish in an environment that combines multi-sensory instruction, integrated arts, and learning by doing (experiential learning);
  • A well-trained, enthusiastic and creative staff is essential to the success of every student;
  • Clear behavior expectations and daily reinforcement of those expectations provide security that helps students focus on learning;
  • Parent/caretaker involvement in their child’s education has a positive effect on achievement;
  • Research-based and innovative teaching methods as part of a rigorous instructional model are to be encouraged;
  • Students who are at-risk for academic failure need highly structured individual experiences;
  • Kindness, compassion and perseverance are essential to helping students be successful in learning and life;
  • Gateway shall foster positive a self-concept in students;
  • Successes, grand or small, should be celebrated on a day-to-day basis;
  • Organization and social skills are key components of educating academically challenged populations;
  • All students should be able to articulate their strengths, weaknesses and learning styles, which will lead to self-advocacy.